Microsoft to Improve Skype for Business

Microsoft to Improve Skype for Business

Microsoft to Improve Skype for Business

Skype is a popular product that allows people to stay in touch through the use of a webcam. It has also become very popular in the business world, as it can be used for conference calls and meetings when employees are unable to meet in the same area. Recently Microsoft began working with an Australian company, Event Zero, to help improve the Skype for Business management capabilities. Full terms of the deal between the two companies however, were not disclosed to the public.


Company blogs help give some insight

Although details were not disclosed, both companies had more information available on their blogs. Microsoft’s blog post detailed how the use of Event Zero’s UC Commander technology will be used to add diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities to the Skype for Business management console. In doing this, administrators will be better suited to provide support to users. Microsoft also said that they plan to add more analytics, as well as reporting features. On the Event Zero blog site, the company says they plan to provide support to all customers as they transition to Microsoft’s product. UC Commander technology is just one product that Event Zero used, and it is likely that the company will continue on with other products. Zig Serafin, corporate vice president of engineering at Skype for Business also created a blog post about the asset acquisition. He noted that Event Zero’s technology will really help to improve Microsoft’s business voice and video conferencing software.


Microsoft taking over in 2016

We are only about a month into the new year, and Microsoft has already worked its first acquisition for 2016. The company is strategically finding companies to work with, as well as other assets to help push new products quickly. In 2015, Microsoft made its first acquisition of the year with an Israeli text analytics service provider, Equivio. The 2016 deal with Event Zero  was done a week earlier than last year. Late in 2015, Microsoft acquired Talko, which provides Skype for Business with more traditional telephone features. It seems as though Microsoft is not wasting any time in 2016, and will continue to improve on Skype for Business.


Microsoft’s plans

Event Zero’s CEO, David Tucker, told the press that Microsoft was a logical partner because the company could benefit more customers than Event Zero could possibly reach. Skype for Business can be greatly utilized for companies and is safe because an administrator can monitor all user activity. Compared to Skype for consumers, which only allows 25 people on a conference call, Skype for Business actually allows for up to 250 individuals for a single meeting. Office 365 and Outlook will be integrated with Skype for Business, making it easy to start a call when using Excel or Word documents. In acquiring the new technology from Event Zero, Microsoft hopes to streamline the Skype experience for users. It is easier if they do not have to navigate between apps. Microsoft will continue to make big moves in order to stay a leader in internet technology and innovation.

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